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bc business energy efficiency

Energy Efficient Tips For Your BC Business

Isn't it true that we're always on the lookout for ways to cut costs and improve our bottom line? As business owners in British Columbia, ...
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frequently asked questions for electricians

Top 10 Questions Electricians Get Asked

You’ve probably asked lots of electrical questions, enough to light up a small town, and we’ve seen a pattern in what you and other DIY ...
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Custom Kitchen Lighting

Innovative Lighting in Maple Ridge Homes

We’re in a time when the old fashioned gas lamps are practically museum pieces, and we’re welcoming a new age of creative lighting in our ...
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improving bc homes electrical systems

Upgrading Electrical Panels in BC Homes

We all agree that a happy home isn't defined by the trendiest furnishings or an immaculate yard, but rather by a reliable electrical panel, right? ...
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Site C Hydro Electrical Dam

Energy Savings for Canadian Businesses

In our 20 years of doing this, we can safely say energy expenses can often be a pain point for Canadian businesses like ours, potentially ...
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integration of smart home technology in canadian construction projects

Smart Home Tech in Canadian Builds

Some people might say that smart home tech is just a fancy extra feature, but in Canada, we’re actually seeing it become an important part ...
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